The History of Two Little Piggies

100 BC

The ancient game was first played over 3,000 years ago where live pigs were tossed into the air and points were won depending on the positioned they landed in.


Games often took about 6 days to complete due to the pig’s habit of bolting off and taking refuge in their mud bogs

Years later carved figurines were substituted for the live pigs in order to shorten the playing time and freshen the air.


The first pigs were carved from pig knuckles and over the years small cubes were used to play the game .


Thus evolved the game of dice we know today.


Dr Cyrus Whopper discovered the ancient game while travelling in Germany.


An old German Frau told Whopper about the game and gave him one of the tiny pigs (in Germany carved pigs are known as “glucksschwein” or “lucky pigs” and are considered good luck).


Whopper (a lover of Kosher bacon), introduced the rather tarnished image of pigs by introducing ‘Pigmania’ to the modern world.

“Pigs are lucky, pigs are useful, pigs have class. It is time something is done on their behalf”

- Dr Cyrus Whopper


David Moffat discovered the game of ‘Pigmania’ while travelling through Germany.

He decided the pigs could be made into a game and recruited a marketing a legal team to develop it.

The new game was packaged in a large box and includes a pig sty, pig pen and pig pad.

Pigmania was licensed to Recylced Paper Products, a greeting card company, and introduced in October 1977 in the LA times with a full-page ad.


Pigmania soon few in sales primarily as a party game on college campuses.


Milton Bradley International liked is so much they redesigned the game for Europe under the name Pass the Pigs (Schweineri in Germany).


The pigs were concealed in a small black carry case that would fit in your pocket, enclosed inside a package that featured two pigs dressed in tuxedos and top hats


Pass the Pigs wins game of the year!


Pass the Pigs sold a million games in the first year​


10 years later Winning Moves took over the license from Hasbro


Winning Moves buys the Pass the Pigs brand!!

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