Pig Ambassadors


Whether you are running a local fete or a school fundraiser, work in a pub or restaurant or any other public event, we want you to represent Pass the Pigs!

We can provide you with a 'tournament kit' that contains everything you need to run a Pass the Pigs tournament at your event.

Whether the event is outside and you want to throw the giant inflatable pigs, or have a smaller tournament on tables, we can provide you with the following for FREE:

- Giant Pass the Pigs Game

- Standard Pass the Pigs Games

- Leaderboard poster

- Promotional sign 

- Instructions on how to run your tournament

All you have to do is share your photos with us either via email or on social media #PassThePigs

What's more is that if people of the public share their photos on social media, they can WIN even more prizes!




To become a Pig Ambassador, oink at us....

Pass the Pigs is suitable for ages 3+.

You must be part of PUBLIC event to receive the Tournament Kit. Winning Moves will be the final decider whether you are eligible.

UK events only.

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